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Pension and Benefits

UOIT benefits plan

The UOIT benefits plan is designed to provide our staff with comprehensive coverage and a level of flexibility that recognizes your unique needs. The benefits plan features medical, dental, disability and insurance coverage, along with a health-care expense account that provides our staff with the flexibility to pay for eligible health-care expenses effectively. For more information on the UOIT benefits plan, please contact the Human Resources department. 

UOIT pension plan

The UOIT pension plan is a defined contribution plan in which our staff and the university work together to build retirement savings. Every plan member will contribute three percent of pensionable earnings to the plan and may elect annually to make voluntary contributions of up to a further three percent of pensionable earnings. The university will contribute six percent of an employee's pensionable earnings to the plan. On an annual basis, an employee can decide whether a supplementary contribution of up to two percent of pensionable earnings is made to the pension plan or to the employee's health-care expense account. For more information on the UOIT pension plan, please contact the Human Resources department.


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