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Peers Recognizing Achievement In Standout Employees (PRAISE) program


To provide immediate and timely recognition to staff members who have demonstrated exceptional service or accomplishments, and/or who have made significant contributions to support a positive work environment at UOIT.


This recognition program is open to full-time, part-time and contract individual UOIT employees (not groups or departments) who have demonstrated extraordinary performance and go above and beyond the usual requirements of their job. Any member of the UOIT community may complete and send a recognition certificate to a colleague. 


Submission of recognition certificates is encouraged for a variety of achievements and accomplishments. Here are a few possible reasons why you may wish to send a PRAISE certificate to a colleague:

Do you know an employee:

  • Who has significantly gone beyond his/her normal job requirements? 
  • Who demonstrates high standards of customer service? 
  • Who is a problem-solver? 
  • Who contributes to a positive work environment?
  • Who challenges themselves to reach new goals?
  • Who brings out the best in others?
  • Who is an exceptional team player?
  • Who is innovative? 
  • Who is resourceful? 
  • Who is a self-starter?
  • Who demonstrates excellence in UOIT's core competencies - service focus, results oriented, integrity and accountability, collaboration, communication, and adaptability?

Recognition process:

In an effort to make this process as easy and convenient as possible, we have made the recognition certificate available on the Human Resources webpage.  The process for bestowing a certificate is as follows:

  • Access the PRAISE certificate on the Human Resources webpage, under Awards and Recognition, PRAISE program, and then select the link to the recognition certificate.
  • Fill in the certificate online and save a copy to your desktop.
  • Email the saved document to the recipient and to
  • All recipients will be acknowledged in the Weekly Report on a quarterly basis and their names will be entered in a draw for a prize. All winners will be contacted directly.

That's it! You have contributed to honouring our colleagues who make the extra effort to ensure the UOIT community is a better place to learn and work.

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