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Getting started

Performance planning is the first step in the university's Performance Development and Review process. A successful planning process should:

  • Align individual efforts with the broader context of the department and university.
  • Define clear accountabilities and role expectations.
  • Define common competencies and complementary competencies essential for achieving results.
  • Set the stage for ongoing feedback between the supervisor and employee.

Performance planning meeting

The performance planning meeting occurs at the beginning of the performance cycle. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Communicate key expectations, role accountabilities and university/department/faculty priorities to each staff member.
  • Establish a process whereby the supervisor and staff member reach agreement on accountabilities for the upcoming year.
  • Develop an action plan that specifies how the expectations will be achieved, and the timetable for achieving them.
  • Anticipate possible obstacles to meeting expectations and anticipate how the obstacles can be dealt with.
  • Identify common and complementary or role-specific competencies.
  • Discuss current level of performance relative to expectations and identify areas of strength and areas requiring improvement.
  • Decide how ongoing feedback will be provided to the employee.
  • Discuss possible obstacles to success and determine what action is needed to overcome them.

Both supervisor and employee should prepare for the planning meeting. They can prepare by doing the following:


  • Schedule the performance planning meeting (up to one hour) with each employee.
  • Provide the employee with the information needed to complete his/her planning document.
  • Review guidelines on setting accountabilities.


  • Review the department or faculty goals and think about how his or her job contributes to achieving them.
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