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Accountabilities: job responsibilities, tasks, or initiatives that the employee is committed to accomplish during the upcoming review period.

Assessor: The person who provides the performance feedback to the staff member. Typically this should be the direct supervisor of the staff member.

Annual review: An assessment and two-way discussion of individual performance results, competencies, strengths, and areas for development. The discussion is documented by completing and signing the Performance Review and Development form.

Common competency: A statement of desired knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours that are common to all roles within UOIT and are a reflection of the values within the UOIT culture.

Complementary competency: A competency that is not common to all roles, but may be mutually selected by the supervisor and the employee because it relates to a specific role. A complementary competency describes the expected behaviours in achieving goals and objectives.

Goals: Goals are the activities, tasks, or initiatives that the staff member is committed to accomplish during the performance cycle. Well constructed goals clearly define the desired end results and how success will be measured.

Next review date: The date that is mutually decided between the supervisor and staff member as the next time to discuss goals and provide feedback. This could be a mid-year date, or an end-of-performance-year date.

Other review: A performance review that is not considered annual or probationary and takes place during the performance review. This could include the following:

  • A mid year review to provide feedback and realign performance goals.
  • A review to identify and improve performance issues.
  • A review as a result of a transfer, promotion or change in leadership.

Probationary review: An assessment of performance that is provided to a new staff member upon the completion of the probationary period, which ranges from six to twelve months, depending upon the level of position within the university.

Period this review covers: For a typical annual assessment, the review period should be from June of Year 1 to May of the following year.

Review date: The date that the review is started. This date should be used to initiate the performance review process of identifying goals, accountabilities and competencies.

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