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Performance Management

You have an exciting future ahead with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology!

You are part of a vibrant organization that has grown very quickly, and will continue to grow at a fast rate as it expands its programs and attracts leading edge academics and research. New Human Resources programs are evolving that support a culture of entrepreneurialism, accountability, student focus, cutting-edge research and academic programs, and commitment to faculty and staff members.

Performance Management program

We all want to do our jobs well. For this to happen, we need to know what is expected and what needs to improve. When expectations are clearly laid out, we all benefit from an enhanced work environment, improved communication and better results. The Performance Management program at UOIT is designed to do just that. The program provides a fair and open opportunity for discussion and feedback between you and your supervisor. The Performance Management program will take into account the accessibility needs of staff with disabilities. 

Second, the program supports ongoing coaching and development and provides you with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and competencies for your current role as well as future roles within the university. You and your supervisor will have two way discussions that focus on recognizing your strengths, abilities and competencies as well, as areas requiring development. There should be no surprises when the performance appraisal is discussed at the end of the performance cycle.

Third, the performance management program provides a way for you to be recognized for strong performance. UOIT's culture is one of accountability and the program allows for those people with strong achievements and exemplary competencies to be recognized.

Fourth, the program links your job accountabilities, goals, and action plans to the goals of the faculty or department, and the university as a whole. It is designed to align individual performance expectations and goals with the academic and strategic planning cycle of the university. As a UOIT staff member, you will have a better understanding of how your contribution ultimately links to UOIT's goals and objectives.

Career Development and Advancement

We recognize that as careers evolve, so does the need for its staff to be prepared. Career development and advancement can include the provision of additional responsibilities within an employee’s current position or the movement of an employee from one job to another that may be at a higher level in the university with greater responsibility. In the provision of career development and advancement to staff, UOIT takes into account the accessibility needs of its employees with disabilities as well as any individual accommodation plans, when providing career development and advancement to staff with disabilities. 


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