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Fierce Conversations

“While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship or a life, any single conversation can.”
- Susan Scott
, Founder, Fierce Inc.

Our work, our relationships and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time. Most conversations just scratch the surface. They fail to address the real issues or needs at hand—and then we wonder why things don’t change. A 'fierce' conversation is authentic, honest, direct and real.

The Fierce Conversations leadership development workshop drives results by improving workplace communication and supporting employee development. Improving workplace communications and having fierce conversations promotes respect, honesty and accountability.

This two-day program will cover the foundations of a fierce conversation and address fierce delegation, coaching, feedback and confrontation.

  • Delegation

    This innovative approach helps ensure individuals’ development paths are clear, and that they are on track to accomplish goals.

  • Coaching

    Dive deep into a conversation that ensures the most important topics are being discussed in an appropriate manner; learn about the most and least effective coaching methods.

  • Feedback

    Well-delivered feedback is a gift, and can help improve results. Learn how to become a strong leader who gives and receives feedback regularly and effectively, but also asks for and welcomes feedback from their team.

  • Confrontation
    Learn how confrontation enriches relationships while effectively addressing attitudinal, behavioural or performance issues with a colleague or subordinate.

Note: This session is reserved for individuals currently in management positions at the university.

Dates (20 spots available in each session).

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