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Nomination criteria

The following criteria will be considered by the Selection Advisory Committee when choosing a winning team:

1. Contribution to the success of the university

  • Team members work together to meet, and often exceed, the expectations of their internal and/or external clients.
  • Team members consistently deliver services that exemplify the university's mission and values.
  • Team enhances the reputation of the university by directly or indirectly contributing to the community or the university that has a positive impact on the reputation of the university.

2. Positive team climate

  • Team members promote a work environment that is collegial, supportive and respectful of diversity and different perspectives.
  • Team works collaboratively, encouraging participation and openness while sharing ideas, responsibility and skills.
  • Team serves to exemplify excellence in their work.

3. Innovation/creativity

  • Team takes a proactive approach in designing or delivering products and services that advance the university’s mission.
  • Team demonstrates innovation and creativity in the introduction of new ideas or methods or making changes to established practices, productivity and procedures.
  • Team demonstrates excellence in its collaboration among different areas to create and implement forward looking results, with a particular focus on technology.
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