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Job Evaluation Committee meeting schedule

Below is a schedule of the future meetings of the University’s Job Evaluation Committee.

The Committee will evaluate the short form Job Information Questionnaires (JIQs) submitted for provisional ratings of new jobs, as well as full JIQs submitted for jobs that are already provisionally rated based on the short form JIQs, and full JIQs submitted for substantive changes to jobs. JIQs for evaluation in a given meeting should be submitted to Human Resources at least five business days in advance of the meeting as per the JIQ submission deadline indicated against each of the meetings in the schedule below.

Job Evaluation Committee Meeting Schedule for 2019

Meeting No.

JIQ submission deadline

Meeting date


Tuesday, January 8

Tuesday, January 15


Wednesday, January 22

Wednesday, January 30


Wednesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 13


Tuesday, February 19

Tuesday, February 26


Wednesday, March 6

Wednesday, March 13


Tuesday, March 19

Tuesday, March 26

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